Once confined to local, often disorganised spaces and carrying a certain stigma, the pre-loved luxury goods market is getting a new lease of life and love online. With the introduction of the ‘new kid’ on the block and the company you should have on your radar, RERACKED.

RERACKED provides a curated selection of designer pieces, the most coveted edit direct from the wardrobes of fashion’s elite.

By purchasing a resale item, you are continuing its fashion circle of life.  With millions of luxury pieces awaiting to be rediscovered and reloved, scoring that covetable Chanel handbag and other unique fashion finds is literally just a click away. Best of all, RERACKED provides the platform for customers to purchase a verified second-hand reseller ensuring that you get quality items with proven and genuine authenticity.

RERACKED empowers consignors and buyers to extend the life cycle of luxury goods and allowing the future of fashion to be continuous and circular.